Ultimate Festive Six-pack

Ultimate Festive Six-pack

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We have put together the best of our collection for those of you entertaining at home this Festive Season. This mixed six-pack will help you have a wine for each course (and relative) so you can relax and enjoy Christmas

1x 2021 Fairbank Ancestrale Rose rrp $40 each
1x 2021 Fairbank Rose rrp $35 each
1x 2021 Fairbank Field Blend rrp $35 each
1x 2019 Sutton Grange Estate Fiano rrp $50
2x 2018 Sutton Grange Estate Syrah rrp $65 each

The total value of this mixed six-pack is $290 but we are offering it to you for $215 including free home delivery (over 25% off retail pricing)

Enjoy your family celebration with Fairbank and Sutton Grange this year